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Telegram from Reporter to the New York Times Regarding the Battle of Gettysburg, 07/03/1863


Dated,…July 3rd 1863.

NY Times

Your Correspondent has just arrived from the battlefield at Gettysburg having left there at 3 oclock this morning.  The reports of the occurences in that vicinity as thus far reported in the Phila & Balto papers are almost totally incorrect.  A brief and candid statement of the situation up to this morning is this.  In Wednesdays fight we were repulsed simply because we were overpowered + outflanked   We fell back to the rear of Gettysburg & held that position.  The action was not general & was not intended to be by Gen Meade.  It was brought on by Gen Reynolds under the impression that his force exceeded that of the enemy.  There was no fighting yesterday until 4:30 P.M. A bloody engagement was then  fought lasting until dark resulting in a substantial success to our forces the enemy being repulsed  with great loss.  The particulars I have already sent you by a  special Courier.  Neither Gnls Wadsworth  Von Steinwehr or Doubleday are wounded.  The total number of prisoners taken up to this morning was about 1,500. Eight hundred & fifty on Wednesday & six hundred on Thursday.  This is reliable.  The enemy made the attack yesterday.  It was teriffic & they threw their whole force into it but they were finally repulsed with great slaughter.  At daylight this morning the battle was renewed the cannonading being rapid & heavy it was the determination of our Genls. to fight to the bitter end.


Transcription comes courtesy the National Archives Transcription Pilot Project, part of our Citizen Archivist Dashboard.  Want to try your hand at transcribing?

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Sesame Street Illustrations by Jack Davis

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Hate to break out Sophis’s winter attire… (Taken with Instagram)

Hate to break out Sophis’s winter attire… (Taken with Instagram)

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When the economy is understood in 21st-century terms, as an ecosystem, it becomes obvious that jobs don’t squirt out of business-people like jelly from doughnuts. Rather, jobs are the consequence of the feedback loop between customers and businesses. For this reason, it is middle-class consumers and the demand they create that are our true job creators, not rich business-people. Given this, it is counter-productive to build a tax system that asymmetrically benefits the people at the very top. We all are better off — business-people and consumers, rich and poor — if the burden of taxes is placed at the top and not the middle, enabling middle class citizens to consume, and starting the positive feedback loop of job creation again.
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Love this Philip Burke caricature of Paul Ryan from the cover of the latest New Republic.
 (Taken with Instagram)

Love this Philip Burke caricature of Paul Ryan from the cover of the latest New Republic.
(Taken with Instagram)

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Fox News, Wingnut Welfare, And The 47 Percent

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